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260mm x 260mm

184 p.

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27,80 € TTC

Fiche technique

Auteurthe Hellenic Ladies Benevolent Society

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A beautiful book dedicated to Greek cuisine under the oh so symbolic title of "LEGACY OF AGAPY*", in which nearly 100 Greek women delivered a recipe from their country of origin (book published as part of our collection of Cookbooks (in English) Available in bookstores in Canada in December 2022.

This cookbook pays homage to the amazing women who came before us, those who currently support us, and to our posterity and future custodians. Intertwined in these anecdotes and culinary experiences are our culture and ethos crystallized in Greek traditions and notions of hospitality. At the heart of it all, is the embracing of "philanthropia" the universal and unconditional love and caring for the human condition.

*Agapi – "the highest form of love and charity" is an Ancient Greek term referring to unconditional love "The love between God and humanity good will and benevolence".chance

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